Particle Field by Leo Villareal at Art House, 2019–20

March 23, 2019 – February, 2020

This artwork is in a constant state of creation. Leo Villareal programmed Particle Field to generate a live, ever-changing composition. Its custom code is vital to the artwork’s identity and experience.

Villareal invokes with his triptych the sacred power of Renaissance altarpieces and the expressive energy of twentieth-century color field painters and performers. The artist said of his digital abstraction, “I wanted to make something that feels like it has existed for a long time using a very contemporary use of technology.”

Villareal produces the world’s largest outdoor light installations in which LEDs are treated as networked pixels across steel bridges and riverbanks. For his monitor-based artwork Particle Field, Villareal made use of the latest advance in display technology, the OLED screen, capable of individual cell illumination and the deepest black levels yet invented. Villareal’s algorithm pushes gigabytes of data across twenty-four million combined pixels in a choreography of orderly chaos.